My Outfit : Bubble-Puffy Skirt and Velvet Lace-Up Booties

Wearing an outfit with wonderful details means that you don’t need to overload it with accessories. With my on-off-and-now-on-again relationship for mini skirts, I’m styling a puffy miniskirt with a studded shirt, and a pair of velvet shoes.

burberry shirt

1. Bubble-Puffy Skirt

When my bubble skirt from ASOS arrived,  I found that I liked it more puffy and ended up getting the inner lining tailored shorter, so that it gives out a more voluminous and less glossy/more ruffled look to it.

2. Studded Shirt

You would have known my love for white shirts from the previous post (Classic White) and this particular one I love comes with gunmetal studs on the sleeve cuffs – beautiful! Nicely ducted in to fit the female body to a T and extremely comfortable to wear!

studded shirtstud shirt

3. Velvet Booties with Metallic

Saying it with shoes: A pair of luxe velvet shoes can lift and refine an outfit in an instant; and this pair does exactly that and with the metallic shine; is very current!

Each of these pieces have their unique details that worked well together in this outfit. I’d wear this during the day or into the night. In the current weather, I had to layer it up with a sweater jacket which worked beautifully.

Bubble-Puffy skirts are fun to wear and versatile. So the next time you decided to give it a pass over, think again. Here’s some shopping tips for you to consider when looking for your perfect puff skirt:

  • Size: This is a piece that you must try on for reasons below and to check that the bubble falls nicely on the body
  • Length: If you’re not comfortable with a mini, see that the length ends just above the knees or if you intend to wear it with heels or has the height to carry it, just below the knees
  • Style: Keep the style of the skirt simple with no embellishments so you get the flexibility to work it up at night or down during the day
  • Waist band: It should be simple with a wide enough waist band to show the small of the body before the bubble
  • Fabric: Something of a semi-taut material will hold the bubble up nice and puffy, but if you have a heavier bottom, go for a slightly softer fabric
Rock your bubble skirt with some of the style tips below:
  • Wear a simple tight tank and let the skirt be the statement piece. However, if the skirt is very short and you’re pairing it with a tank, put on an opaque pair of tights to prevent tipping over to tramp-ville.
  • Top a crop jacket if you have a small top compared to your bottom, or if the weather is cool
You’ll be surprised to find that the bubble skirt can be very flattering for a lot of body types  as the volume on the skirt makes the waist look smaller and legs look skinnier.

– – Outfit – –

Top: Burberry

Bottom: ASOS

Outerwear: BCBG Maxazria

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

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4 Responses to My Outfit : Bubble-Puffy Skirt and Velvet Lace-Up Booties

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  2. Michelle says:


    Nice post 🙂

    how did you tailor your skirt to make it more puffy? I have a bubble dress and the “bubble” bit just isn’t volumous for my liking.

    Thanks 🙂

    • apopofpurple says:

      Hey love, I did yes. There’s an inside lining of the skirt that I had the tailor hem up closer to the waist band so the bubble bubbles up more; but the skirt is shorter as a result of that though. Hope this makes sense! 🙂

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