Hello from Tokyo II :: Gold Leather Biker Jacket

You don’t need to be a rocker chick or a renegade punk to rock the biker leather jacket. A biker leather jacket is so chic and stylish, you can wear it in so many different ways.

I generally like to style the leather biker jacket in outfits that shouts femininity and yet gives a hint of masculinity:

  • Coloured (pastel or bright) skinny jeans, tee, and sexy pumps
  • Tight boot leg jeans, feminine ruffles blouse, and boots
  • Over a maxi dress (so hot right now)
  • Graphic tee, puffy mini skirt, and booties
  • Floral dress and wedges
  • Cocktail dress and heels
  • Pencil skirts, button up shirts, and high-heeled sandals
  • Wide leg pants, crop top, and pumps

There are so much options that you can play around with the biker leather jacket against existing pieces from your wardrobe. Additionally, leather is natural, durable, and breathes so it’s perfect for the cold as a heat insulator. Depending on the thickness of the fabric, you can almost wear it all year round; so it is definitely a worthwhile investment to purchase a decent one.

When buying a leather biker jacket, look out for:

  • Fabric – 100% genuine leather is soft, comfortable, and durable
  • Cut – something fitted that do not create excess bulk and accentuates the waist to show femininity
  • Style – start the first piece with something classic with nice stitching details as opposed to too much hardware (e.g. studs, zippers)
  • Colour – black/brown/metallics are probably the most basic colours to pair with most outfits so you get long term use out of it

Outfit: Top: Present from a friend (Thanks James!), Bottom: J BrandJacket: ASOSShoes: Aldo, Accessories: YSL Double (similar), Chanel 4185

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