My Outfit : 80s Feeling and High Heel Wedge Lace-Up Bootie

I was playing around with the effects function on iphoto and somehow turned an innocently plain photo into one that reeks of an 80s cheesy Mandarin song album cover (hahaha!) and thought I’ll share it with everyone for a teeny giggle.

It’s a super long weekend over Easter in this part of the world. So as of today, everyone’s either flown somewhere for a week’s break or are hanging around the drinking city. I fall into the latter, this is still a new city for me after all. I am going out tonight with one of the easiest instant-chic party outfit pairings – top/mini-skirt/booties; if it’s cold, I’d layer on a vest/jacket/coat/tights/knee boots.

The weather appropriate outfit requires a fur vest which I layered on and a pair of booties that I totally adore.

I LOVE these booties. They are high yet soft and comfortable (which in my opinion is a match-made-in-shoeheaven that cries must-buy), classic yet funky with the oxford detail and high wedge, and feminine yet chunky as a bootie with laces; it goes with everything! I love, love, love these so much that I ended up getting the knee boots version (which are also divine by the way) – check them out in the previous blog post here. tsk Shoe-a-holic ME.

(there is an older post featuring this skirt here)

(on tips to shopping for faux fur, check out post here)

– – Outfit – –

Tank Top: Zara

Vest: J Dauphin

Bottom: bYSI

Shoes: YSL (similar)


Bracelet: Present from a friend (Thanks B!), Sunglasses: Chanel 4185

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A self-professed shoe-a-holic who would be in maxi gowns 24/7 if she could!
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2 Responses to My Outfit : 80s Feeling and High Heel Wedge Lace-Up Bootie

  1. parisiansilhouette says:

    beautiful silhouette! those shoes are to die for!
    kisses from paris,

  2. Linda says:

    Love the shoes!

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