Spotted, on The New York Times Fashion & Style

I opened up the Fashion & Style page on The New York Times online (which is saved in my favorites and a daily morning ritual by the way) and I saw my collar outfit. Took a double take. Yes, it was me! Excite!!!

collar necklace

This is a First.

collar shirt

This is the First feature of my blog life, and on The New York Times might I add, so it completely, completely made my day. Please allow me to indulge and share it with everyone. Please click to view outfit 1 and outfit 2, both showcasing outfits with interesting collars. Outfit 1 was originally posted on apopofpurple in February, see post here.

Thank you everyone for following me and the lovely comments; I read all of them and really appreciate it. I hope you’re enjoying the Spring/Summer Challenge, a new post will be up by the end of this week, so watch this space.

Thanks and love,


About apopofpurple

A self-professed shoe-a-holic who would be in maxi gowns 24/7 if she could!
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2 Responses to Spotted, on The New York Times Fashion & Style

  1. Linda says:

    Big WOW goes out to you!

  2. Renae Lim says:

    Looking forward to lots more features!

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