S/S 2012 Challenge #13: Domestic Goddess

“Say goodbye to the boyish looks of seasons past because summer is all about looking polished from head to heels.” net-a-porter

“Domestic Goddess” – what comes to mind?

Womanly. Prim. Put-Together. 1960s. Demure. Classic. Vintage. Stepford Wives. Mad Men.

This is going to be fun.

1960s Mad Men Women – note the umbrella printed dresses and closed-toe pumps
Mad Men Women Fashion

Prada 2012 Le Voyageur collection – full of beautiful umbrella printed dresses Prada 2012 Le Voyageur collection

The key to the domestic goddess look is the flared out-puffed up bottom of the dress. This look is easily achievable with the printed dresses available in the contemporary stores like Zara and H&M.

If you wish to get more bang for your buck or longer wear out of your pieces, you may wish to put together separates – a cap-sleeved or sleeveless top and an umbrella or flare skirt. I will recommend an all-occassion umbrella skirt from Asos which I adore (and wearing in this outfit); expect me to dress it up with tights when winter comes too.

Drawing inspirations from the above, I broke some rules and modernized the sweet look by wearing a fluoro dress as a top, bright blue umbrella skirt, neon orange studded belt, closed-toe pumps, and demure clutch.


This is my seriously prim-and-proper posture 😉

YSL Clutch

Outfit: Top (Dress worn as top): Asos (fluoro print – skirt version), Skirt: Asos (blue umbrella skirt, grey umbrella skirt), Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Cutch: YSL, Accessories: Ring: Ashina (Asos), Earrings: Colette Accessories, Belt: no brand

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photo credit: prada – fashionloving.co.uk, mad men – styleseendaily.com

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One Response to S/S 2012 Challenge #13: Domestic Goddess

  1. dressupforme says:

    love this one! But Let’s be honest = we are quite picky when it comes to dressing up and even more when we observe what others wear. But this outfit is a winner! One of those that I saw and went “Damn, I have to steal all that!” ;))

    Great work! 🙂


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