It’s Live – The Instagram Profile

This past month had been pretty exciting with lots of firsts (and others) documented on instagram:

  • Most exciting roller coaster ride ever at Ocean Park in Hong Kong
  • Best Halloween party ending the the most amazing kebabs to round up the night!
  • Yummy(iest) macaroons from Ladurée (vanilla is my fav!)
  • Flew over the most amazing skies across to Paris
  • Witnessed the busiest street on Hong Kong over Halloween

roller coaster laduree macaroon hendricks lilies hong kong arm candy halloween costume  clouds

For more, feel free to follow me on instagram – @apopofpurple.

Meanwhile, Instagram users are receiving the first change Facebook made since buying it over earlier this year, moving the app to the big screen so that you can manage the profile and feeds easily on the computer. You can find your instagram profile at

It is indeed very easy and quicker to navigate on the web but it will be even better if emoticons from the app do not turn up as empty boxes and follow/unfollow options are available on the web. Anyway, this is just the start of slight changes. Do bear in mind being on the web means that your photos are now public on the internet, so do not forget to change your privacy settings so that only your followers are able to view your photos. Enjoy!

xo Jenn

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A self-professed shoe-a-holic who would be in maxi gowns 24/7 if she could!
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