S/S 2012 Challenge #22: Texture Expert

“Tactile textiles and stiff upholstery fabrics are back with a fresh modern attitude. Contrast with slinky silks, denim, and leather.” net-a-porter

This is not an excuse. I was completely swamped with work, and fell sick in between too! But I’m not going to lament about it on this belated post.

I’m coming back with a vengeance  so you will be seeing frequent posts coming up in the next few days for me to make up for lost time.

ashley madekwe tweed suit

I was particularly inspired by Ashley Madekwe‘s tweed outfit which she wore for a recent event – great textured outfit for a coming-to-the-end-of-summer look. So I have decided to go head-to-toe tweed as well.

Obviously made popular by none other than Chanel, tweed adds immediate class to an otherwise simple outfit.

Tweed in itself is a fairly thick material comparatively to other summer fabrics, therefore, when buying tweed for wear during the summer, ensure that the fabric is not double-lined. That way, you can easily throw it over a tank during the summer.

During the colder seasons, wear it over long-sleeved blouses and wrap yourself up with a pashmina.

Outfit: Top, Skirt, Jacket: Zara, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Sunglass: Chanel 4185

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photo credit: celebstyle.com

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